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Although I can’t work due to a progressive neurological disease I keep my academic CV up to date with details of academic journal publications, papers in progress etc. That was useful when I asked for an honorary research fellowship after finishing my PhD in 2010, and it’s been sensible to keep it up to date ever since.

I last updated the CV in October 2012. It is already out of date! Not only have I submitted papers now that were in progress then, but I summoned up an unexpected paper idea, and submitted that as well. That one wasn’t mentioned on the October 2012 CV at all.

I’ve now updated my CV again. I now have three single-authored published papers, and one more accepted / in press. Three more papers are currently with editors or reviewers. And three more papers are in early stages. That is all in addition to co-authored computer science papers from my previous science academic life.

Even if, like me, you are not working in academia, I would recommend keeping an up-to-date academic CV for your personal use. You can detail work in progress, and plans for submission, as well as completed / published things. It is an extremely useful aide de memoire, for keeping track of various projects on the go.

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