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Charlotte Mathieson has written an excellent blog post about Open Access, based largely around a panel discussing it, including representatives from RCUK and other bodies. It is well worth reading, not least for the alarming picture it paints of RCUK refusing to engage with academics who have concerns. In particular Charlotte writes:

The response to these questions, particularly by RCUK’s Thorley, was strikingly dismissive and refused to engage in any debate from the floor. As I tweeted at the time, it seems that any real consideration of these issues will be retrospective, the key message now being “we’re going to transfer what works for STEM subjects, see if it works, and if it doesn’t then maybe we’ll start to take these issues seriously”. While I’m not unwilling to accept that many of the concerns raised might turn out to be easily addressed during transition period, it seems wholly irresponsible to be entirely unwilling to engage in debate. If vast numbers of arts and humanities researchers are raising concerns about OA, then surely dialogue and discussion around these issues is more productive than shutting the door on these questions.

Truly alarming, and shows the need for continued campaigning and complaining by researchers who are concerned.

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